Interaction Engineering

Posted December 20th, 2012 in blog

“Nerf the Noomie” is a prototyped project for our course “Interaction engineering”. It’s a self re-adjusting target for toyguns, e.g. Nerf.

It is made out of

  • Wood
  • Arduino + breadboard
  • Servo motor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Light sensor
  • LEDs, wires n stuff
  • PIEZO speakers!!1

Step 1:

We printed a picture of our target, in our case a little Noomie of the computer game NOOMIX. Then we’ve cutted out the shape of the target out of carton. We attached the target to a hinge screwed on a wooden stick with double-sided tape. Then we adjousted the placement of the target inside our container-box to achieve a mostly frictionless placement.

Step 2:

We connected the arduino to the computer. Then we connected the servo to the arduino.
The red wire is the power supply(5v) for the servo, the black goes to the ground. The yellow wire sends the desired position values over the arduino’s digital PWM out.
So we can control the motor by simple running code from the servo library (based on the arduino example).

Step 3:

Then we attached a ultrasonic sensor to the breadboard to basically measure when our target has been hit and is ready to be set up again. When the target is knocked-down, it blocks the waves of the ultrasonic sensor in contrast to not bother them all if the target is set-up to be hit again. The ultrasonic sensor gives us a value which we tweaked in our code to know when the target is set up or shot down.

Step 4:

We attached a light and thin wooden stick onto the arm of the servo motor to have a better leverage effect which makes it way easier for our servo motor to set up the target again.

Step 5:

We finally added some auditive and visual feedback through Piezo speakers (OMG, we love piezos and their wonderfull sound) and LEDs attached to our arduino, which makes it a lot more fun to shoot down the target.

Step 6:

We added a light sensor to our circuit to basically be able to measure if a light is switched on in the room or not. Our little friend, the target, should only go up, if it’s daylight so it kind of wakes up.

After some time, the target gets more and more annoying so you really have to shoot it so it shuts up again. ;)


Here are some pictures of the prototype and the final set-up:


BEATPATROL Festival 2012

Posted July 16th, 2012 in blog, performance

We’re pretty stoked to perform with the CROOKERS at the BEATPATROL festival in St. Pölten, Austria this weekend. It’s gonna be a great show, so be there July 21st, 3am on ‘The Shit Is Coming Home Stage’.

BIG FAT PLUS: We’re still waiting for the confirmation by the management if the amazing STEVE AOKI will warp us up the main stage!? We keep our fingers crossed. Whoop whoop!

BeatPatrol Festival

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Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals

Posted April 27th, 2012 in blog, performance

Fasten your seatbelt: The austrian version of Maverick and Goose – also known as ignon ;) – will take part at the Finalists Party of the legendary Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals afterparty. We are very happy to support such a great act as the Toast Busters. If you don’t know them yet – check out their tunes on Soundcloud. See you on May 5th at the Gusswerk Salzburg.

Edit: There is a short teaser for the paperwings competition online, showing Fabian as a pilot…

Red Bull Paperwings finals

Extended Play promotional video

Posted December 20th, 2011 in talk

This explay roundup video gives a very intense impression of the inspiring spirit at the ‘Extended Play’ Festival where we participated last month. There are some motivating words from Ian Livingstone (Eidos), Dr.Richard Wilson (TIGA), Rene Baumgartner & Fabian Bergner (ignon) and others.

BRG Schloss Wagrain Prom

Posted December 10th, 2011 in blog, performance

On January 28th Steyrermühl will be invaded by Ignon’s massive electronic tunes. Nothing less than the prom of the BRG Schloss Wagrain is the reason for us to serve some earshattering Dubstep and Drum N Bass sounds. To all the parents attending: watch your daughters and sons going crazy and doing nasty things on the dance floor to Ignon’s even more nasty music – whoop! whoop!

And the winner is: Rope!

Posted November 25th, 2011 in award, blog

Yeeeah, Rope! has won the Content Award Games Category. The Jury statement was a big compliment for us:

Das Game überzeugt durch seine professionelle Anmutung, gute Grafik, innovative Game-Mechanik und spannende Storyline. Nichts lässt darauf schließen, dass es von Newcomern entwickelt wurde – im Gegenteil, es wirkt wie ein Vollpreisgame.


Translation:The game convinces by its professional appearance, good graphics, innovative game mechanics and exciting storyline. Nothing seems to indicate that it was developed by newcomers, it looks like a full price game

Beatshot feat. Grafix

Posted November 19th, 2011 in blog, performance

The Beatshot crew made a short movie about their special event on October 8th with DJ Grafix were ignon took part as visual artists. Check it out!

Extended Play 2011 was awesome!

Posted November 9th, 2011 in blog, performance, talk

Three days of creative game jams, mind-blowing keynotes, interesting panels and talks and an intense bootcamp for start-ups and indie studios in the games industry -> explay 11 took place in the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK. And that’s what happend:

Ignon took part in Extended Play as conference speakers doing a talk about the success story of Liquorious and the rise of the penguin at the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2010. We also showed a lot of our work to the huge audience and got a lot of really good feedback and comments on the projects we do.
Ignon also did a live performance at the official afterparty hosted by eatmusic with nasty “gamestep” tunes and eyeshattering visuals. You can watch the recorded video of the livestream here.

As a very special guest at Explay 11 Ian Livingstone, life president of Eidos and (god-)”father” of Lara Croft held an amazing keynote about his way to success from the start of the Games Workshop to Eidos, his relationship with Lara Croft and other successful games like Deus Ex and Hitman.

To get an overview of all the interesting talks and panels at explay visit this site or check out all the other conference speakers here. Furthermore there’s information about the Game Jam and the Extended Play Bootcamp.

Alltogether we’ve spent some really interesting days at Extended Play 11 in Plymouth with lots of positive feedback, interesting input and of course party and fun.

Here are some pictures from our talk shot by Christopher Apperley for a good article in the Wired Magazine and some pictures from our performance at the ‘explay late’ party.

Ready for the Beatshot?

Posted October 5th, 2011 in blog, performance

October 8th is the day (or night) to be in Salzburg for the next Beatshot. Ignon will be there to emphasize the fine tunes of Drum N Bass Star ‘GRAFIX’ (UK) ‘n Co with the nasty, glitchy and flashing visuals you’re all addicted to! The whole show is starting at 10 pm in the Jazzit Music Club. We’re all looking forward to tease and annoy you!

Bachelors of Science in Engineering

Posted July 11th, 2011 in science

ignon is now led by two academics. last thursday we had our graduation ceremony at salzburg university of applied sciences. we wrote altogether 4 bachlor-theses

  • Infrastructure and technologies for knowledge transfer in exhibitions using smartphones
  • Methods for digitizing human body movement and its projection onto virtual avatars
  • Projection mapping on arbitrary surfaces using a visual real-time programming environment
  • Real-time composition of virtual and real scenes based on depth maps in mixed realty systems

in case you are interested in one of these fields, feel free to contact us!

Red Bull ‘beats in motion’ Video

Posted July 9th, 2011 in performance

The Red Bull ‘beats in motion‘ video is online! It features a short interview with the artists and some impressions from the awesome night. Tt was a great experience for us, so we are looking forward to sound:frame 2012!

Microsoft Kinect Workshop

Posted May 16th, 2011 in workshop

We had a crashcourse kinect workshop at university and developed a small artistic installation, where two people can play on virtual instruments which make unnatural glitchy sounds. After the people are tracked, their movements get projected onto virtual avatars to interact with the virtual scene. Watch the short video here.

Back from MipTV in Cannes

Posted April 8th, 2011 in talk

The ICNM (International Center for New Media) invited us for a short trip to Cannes, where we did a talk about cross-media at the MipTV conference. We attended very interesting panels, chilled on the beach and visited great parties at very fancy locations. Some impressions below.

Red Bull ‘beats in motion’

Posted March 28th, 2011 in performance

last saturday we did a visual performance at the sound:frame festival which took place at the ‘ottakringer brauerei’ in vienna. we had the great opportunity within the red bull ‘beats in motion’ performance to work with great artists like the musicians cid rim & the clonious, the awesome visual collective ‘lwz‘ and the free runners from the ape connection.

pictures below, video to come!

SXSW Interactive Awards in Texas

Posted February 14th, 2011 in award

our project ‘Project GuitARS‘ has been nominated as finalist at the SXSW interactive awards in austin, texas.






so we took four planes from munich to austin to experience the SXSW festival. unforunately, we didn’t win the award, but we got at least under the top 5. but more important: we had a great time in austin, we learned a lot and also made new friends! some pictures below.

in addition, we made a short mashup video from different places around austin, check it out here.