Interaction Engineering

Posted December 20th, 2012 in blog

“Nerf the Noomie” is a prototyped project for our course “Interaction engineering”. It’s a self re-adjusting target for toyguns, e.g. Nerf.

It is made out of

  • Wood
  • Arduino + breadboard
  • Servo motor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Light sensor
  • LEDs, wires n stuff
  • PIEZO speakers!!1

Step 1:

We printed a picture of our target, in our case a little Noomie of the computer game NOOMIX. Then we’ve cutted out the shape of the target out of carton. We attached the target to a hinge screwed on a wooden stick with double-sided tape. Then we adjousted the placement of the target inside our container-box to achieve a mostly frictionless placement.

Step 2:

We connected the arduino to the computer. Then we connected the servo to the arduino.
The red wire is the power supply(5v) for the servo, the black goes to the ground. The yellow wire sends the desired position values over the arduino’s digital PWM out.
So we can control the motor by simple running code from the servo library (based on the arduino example).

Step 3:

Then we attached a ultrasonic sensor to the breadboard to basically measure when our target has been hit and is ready to be set up again. When the target is knocked-down, it blocks the waves of the ultrasonic sensor in contrast to not bother them all if the target is set-up to be hit again. The ultrasonic sensor gives us a value which we tweaked in our code to know when the target is set up or shot down.

Step 4:

We attached a light and thin wooden stick onto the arm of the servo motor to have a better leverage effect which makes it way easier for our servo motor to set up the target again.

Step 5:

We finally added some auditive and visual feedback through Piezo speakers (OMG, we love piezos and their wonderfull sound) and LEDs attached to our arduino, which makes it a lot more fun to shoot down the target.

Step 6:

We added a light sensor to our circuit to basically be able to measure if a light is switched on in the room or not. Our little friend, the target, should only go up, if it’s daylight so it kind of wakes up.

After some time, the target gets more and more annoying so you really have to shoot it so it shuts up again. ;)


Here are some pictures of the prototype and the final set-up: