Liquorious is a fast, frantic and furious 3D jump ‘n’ run game for windows, where you are exposed to brainmelting graphics and ear-shattering sounds. this thrilling combination forces you to proof your reaction and gaming skills in a world, where neither the time nor the gravity can be matched with your common way of thinking… turn up your volume and enjoy the liquorious in-your-face experience!

Liquorious got nominated for the Europrix Multimedia Award 2010 in the game section.

“Liquorious brings the look and feel of old arcade games bang up into the 21st century. The game is straightforward and highly addictive, using the simple game mechanics that made good games – great! You are the hero, the Penguin armed only with your jetpack, tasked to make it through the complex 8bit shifting and disorienting maze. With highly aggressive craftsmanship, the brainmelting graphics and the ear-shattering soundscape are suggestive of an early arcade classic that has been distorted somehow after being beamed into the present. The speed of the game is totally exhausting, mitigated only by the slow-motion button and the time-rewind function. Liquorious delivers its punch with comic humour in highly frustrating, annoying and almost impossible to complete fashion … just the way any classic arcade game should!”

- critics by Cai Melakoski, Head of TAMK Media Programme Finland

Here you can watch the video from europrix.